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OCAPICA Voices – Cheyenne V.

Baby bumpCheyenne V.

OCAPICA Program:

-Youth Workforce (WIOA)

– OCAPICA Scholars


How has OCAPICA Impacted the story of your life?

OCAPICA allowed me to get my first job, and I loved it! They placed me with an organization that was perfect for me– The Heritage Museum. During my hours I learned many different job duties including office work on the computer, craft supply upkeep, giving tours, working with children, and working with people in general. They also helped me out with applying to college and with my life outside of college. Through OCAPICA Scholars I received help with funding for school and also help from peers to give me advice and assistance when it came to the stressful side of school. I had a lot of help becoming an adult from Monique and Kassie over the last two years, and I truly appreciate everything. I started the program at 17 and am now almost 20 years old, living on my own, halfway finish with my AS degree and ready for anything that comes my way. Without OCAPICA I would not have learned everything I did, and honestly, would probably not be as far as I am today. They’ve also helped my brother, boy friend, and cousin with job placement and mentoring when needed. We all enjoy OCAPICA and all of the employees and their helpful nature.


What are special memories you have of your journey with OCAPICA?

One of my best memories with OCAPICA was going to a workshop at Disneyland! We spent the day learning about Science (my passion) and after the workshop, going on roller coasters and walking around the Disneyland Park. It was a lot of fun, and was a great experience for everyone who went. We all bonded a lot and enjoyed the science as well.


If you have any other experiences with OCAPICA you would like to share, please write them here:

Another experience I have with OCAPICA is when we went to Cal Poly Pomona on a tour of the campus. This was a really nice tour that I enjoyed- even if the campus didn’t accept my major. A lot of us bonded well that day, and I have always made at least one new friend at any OCAPICA event. I think one other of my favorite events I attended was the Retreat done for OCAPICA Scholars. We spent an entire day learning about the important things in life: including banking, getting to know eachother with plenty of fun activities, and getting to know ourselves. It was a really great experience that not many people get to have.


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