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OCAPICA Voices – Huynh T.

aa-0991-e1492624634269.pngHuynh T.

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– Youth Education Programs (HAPI-YEP, FAFSA, Scholars, etc.)

How has OCAPICA Impacted the story of your life?

My name is Huynh and OCAPICA has helped me with achieving my goals to finish high school. They have not only helped me with my school life, they have helped me with my personal life. They would help solve the issues I had and even manage to put a smile on my face while doing so. They’ve helped me become the person I am today, a more mature, brave, and passionate person.

What are special memories you have of your journey with OCAPICA?

I remember when we had recess during HAPI-YEP and Anthony, from OCAPICA, would always compete with the rest of the kids to win. However, by the time we ended the recess, Anthony would be drowning in sweat from all of the exercise. I remember when Mandy would try to get me to say, “Mine” because whoever said it would have to touch the floor with their head. She failed. Mandy was also the person who helped me with my math homework, and she will never know how important she is. Because of her, I passed my math class. I remember when Jen, Ashley, and Veejay went to an awards assembly earlier in the year. We were all ready to applaud for all the students that have received awards when all of a sudden, Billy and I ran up to the stage to say an announcement. The announcement was a surprise for Jen, everyone had found out when we mentioned her characteristics. We stated that she was like a mother to us all, and that was the moment when tears ran down her cheeks. We were already in her arm’s embrace, hugging her, before she could even say a word. I remember when we met Ben from OCAPICA for the first time during the summer of my freshmen year. I would like to see how he reacts when he sees how much we have all changed. I remember when Clayton, Jody, Sheryll, and Erin gave us such inspirational workshops that it actually changed my life. Clayton talked about his family and showed us cruel, disgusting camps and even showed us how to talk in sign language. Jody gave an emotional workshop about her family and how she struggled so much to get where she is today. Sheryll gave a motivational workshop on how to eat right and stay fit, along with being healthy. Erin also did a workshop on health, and she convinced me to exercise daily and to not only exercise my body, but to exercise my brain. I remember when I was scared of Kassie because she seemed like a person who didn’t like me at first. I was wrong. Kassie is one of the most caring, most friendly, most affectionate person I have ever met in high school. She taught me to do well in all of my classes and she warned me that there will be obstacles, however I will overcome them. I remember when Emmy did a workshop with us on how to brush our teeth for better hygiene, she changed the way I brush my teeth. Every morning and every night, I would brush my teeth the correct way. If anyone has any questions on teeth, ask Emmy. She knows. I’d like to personally thank this next wonderful person because she helped me with all of my schoolwork. She is so kind, and was willing to help me even when I didn’t want any help. She was one of the many members of OCAPICA who I called “mom”. Heena is the most understanding person anyone will ever meet. Even though I’ve seen Mr. Matsuda on campus twice, I’ll also consider him as a family member of OCAPICA. He has helped us with our problems at school, from the school lunches to the artwork seen on campus. We are thankful to have a considerate superintendent such as Mr. Matsuda. This is everyone that has helped me. Thank you for…just kidding. Mr. Turner wants me to be reading right now; however, I think this is an exception. Mr. Turner, words cannot describe how extremely thankful I am to have such an amazing teacher such as yourself. You’ve helped change me from an average student into a person who cares about my future. Without you, I would have been carelessly roaming around, knowing nothing about school. Your dedication to your classes have not only shown how committed you are for Magnolia High, but it shows how devoted you are for better futures for students. Seriously, we need more teachers like Ms.H and Mr.Turner. Thinking back from freshmen year, I would’ve gotten D’s and F’s if it wasn’t for T-Bone. We really cannot describe how lucky we are to be the last batch of kids. People say how one never forgets their four years in college; however, I will never forget the four years I spent with OCAPICA and Mr.Turner. Thank you to  everyone who has helped me with my life during the past four years. I am so grateful to have people such as yourself be apart of my life, and I hope I get to meet more people such as you guys. My years at Magnolia High were made that much better because of you all. Thank you. And for those I didn’t mention, I apologize. I have very bad memory skills. Thank you all, again.

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If there are more people like the OCAPICA members and more teachers like T-Bone and Ms.H, please introduce me to them. Thank you.

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