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Mental Health


Outreach and Engagement assists individuals and families with mental health needs by linking them to appropriate services. Outreach and Engagement also helps to dispel the myths and stigma some community members associate with mental illness.



Well(ness)essity is funded under the Mental Health Services Act, Proposition 63. Prevention and Early Intervention-Outreach and Engagement is dedicated to developing and carrying out culturally competent and creative activities that best serve the diverse communities of Orange County.

Through the partnerships in the community, Well(ness)essity focuses on motivating participants and promoting increase in knowledge and skills about mental health wellness. Participants are encouraged to identify areas of strengths and gain positive relationships in their lives.

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Funded by the Orange County Health Care Agency, Behavioral Health Services, Prevention and Intervention, Mental Health Services Act/Prop. 63.



Download the following resource to learn more about Well(ness)essity:



PROJECT FOCUS/ For Our Children’s Ultimate Success

Project FOCUS is a full service partnership/wraparound program, which provides case management, counseling, and other supportive resources for children, TAY, and their families. The goal of Project FOCUS is to do “whatever it takes” to support a young person in their recovery and to ensure they stay in their homes and communities. Our members are involved in every step of their care plan and work in partnership with the program and resources to set recovery goals based upon their strengths, needs, and desire.

Download the following resource to learn more about Project FOCUS:


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